My Hebrew Calendar Birthday (My Birthday Message).

My Hebrew Calendar Birthday (My Birthday Message).


Deck used: TheKabbalah Deck by Edward Hoffman.


So, my birthday on the Hebrew Calendar is 11 Tammuz. In the Hasidic perspective, this is a time of celebration and introspection. Per page 113 of the deck’s guidebook (My Birthday Message), the two Hebrew letters which correspond to my present chronological age are Lamed + Hei. The spiritual meanings of these letters give me the theme for me until my next birthday.



Lamed, my interpretation for this birthday message:

True knowledge comes from the heart. Embrace knowledge that is heartfelt, and not just cerebral. When I do life-affirming actions and refrain from lashon hara (the “evil tongue” such as gossip, slander, or badmouthing), I ascend into higher realms of knowledge. Instead of reveling in my smugness when I’m cerebrally the victor in a situation, engage in love for my fellow human beings by not bringing shame upon them. Allow others to save face. When I embrace my own humility, I can extend even more love and kindness to others.

Hei, my interpretation for this birthday message:

Re-commit myself to my union with YHVH. As Hebraists who came before me, when I answer YHVH’s call with “Heenayni [Here I am]” I tap into deeper revelations about how I can serve the Divine (and in serving the Divine, I serve my fellow human beings). The letter Hei suggests to me that more private communion/meditation with the Divine is necessary for my daily life to be spiritually focused. However, such meditation/communion needs to be done in private. This devotion is not the sort that is on display for the world to see. Go within in order to contemplate the messages from the Divine.



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