The Hidden Treasures in the Medicine Wheel (from the Mystical Shaman Oracle).

The Hidden Treasures in the Medicine Wheel (from the Mystical Shaman Oracle).

On page xvi of Mystical Shaman Oracle Guidebook, there is a four-card spread titled “The Hidden Treasures in the Medicine Wheel.” The first sentence of the introduction called out to me immediately, “When you need to dream your world newly into being, you have to discover hidden resources, the deeply buried treasures.” Sure, I went ahead and read the rest of the information, but I was hooked at the first sentence.


Lots of stuff is swirling in my inner world. But, I suppose that’s all of us at any given point in our lives, right? I immediately thought of the tarot’s Major Arcana archetypes I wanted to tap into—Especially The Empress. I feel like most of my life I have not found a comfortable balance in which energies I tapped into on the sliding scale of Feminine to Masculine (in that I chose to embrace types of Masculine power more far more often than Feminine power).


How fortunate that I came across this spread just when I needed it. Thanks, YHVH/God/Universe/Source/Higher Self!!!! The four (4) card placements, South-West-North-East, represent various messages which help craft an answer to how one can go about bringing their inner vision into the outer world. See the picture of page xvii for the card placement meanings. I resonate with this directional correspondences because I naturally associate the East as what is new (like, the sun rising in the East) and the West as what is old (again, the sun setting in the West). And, I associate the North with advice or a directional guide one must follow in order to live up to one’s potential (i.e. North Node in a natal chart).




The deck’s guidebook explains that there are three (3) aspects to the card meanings: (1.) The Essence, (2.) The Invitation, and (3.) The Medicine. The Essence message for each card should be read no matter if the card is upright or reversed. The Invitation message for each card is read for upright cards. And, The Medicine message is read for reversed cards. Make sure to check out the deck’s guidebook for more detailed explanations of what these aspects of a card’s message can bring. It’s pretty obvious from looking through the cards and the guidebook that this deck is less definitive (don’t expect to get a hard, narrow answer to questions like “Should I accept the offer?”) and more improvisational (you’re going to have to rely on your intuition heavily when you read the card meanings to figure out how the general energies are specific to your question).



QUESTION: How may I go about channeling the archetypal energies of The Empress Card (upright, positive aspects)?


DECK(s) USED: (i.) Sailor Moon Tarot; (ii.) The Mystical Shaman Oracle.





Let go of old resentments and traumas. Continue to do the work of healing inherited ancestral wounds. Ground myself in spiritual healing modalities from my ancestors (but, not dogmatically. Take what resonates as healthy, and leave the rest). Share my journey of self-nurturing with others. By healing myself, I can serve others. My objective is assured as long as I continue to heal wounds, am flexible in assessing my options, and mindfully plant seeds. I support the Empire I seek to bring forth into the physical world by healing the empire I inherited. And, like any steward of resources, I serve a higher calling when I share the fruits of my labors.

Card One/South: 18 The Earth Keeper. “…Remember that everything you do has an impact for seven generations… [you] are ready to dream big, with possibilities beyond your wildest expectations.”

Card Two/West: 58 The Tree of Life. “…To be whole in your life’s journey, it is important to have deep roots and high branches…connect more with our roots and physical body.”

Card Three/North: 60 The Vision Quest. “…We realize our flaws, our potential, and the opportunities life is now offering us…Get off the couch… go outside!”

Card Four/East: 36 Middle World. “…Yet the middle world is created by the future, not only the past, and it is a mirror of the invisible realms… [this card] shows up when conditions are favorable to your undertaking. Do not hesitate. Move forward, as heaven and earth are smiling upon you.”


This deck (and this spread) really resonates with me. And, I think I’ll be the sort of person who always consults the guidebook for meanings to add some depth to what my intuition detects. My penchant of Bibliomancy probably informs this decision. After all, who knows what extra information one can glean by seeing the word written upon the page? It’s like no matter how many times one reads it, the words are rebirthed every time with extra bits of information. On a more surface level assessment, the color scheme and artistry of the deck are pleasant to the eye. The size of the cards is that one comes to expect from Hay House oracle decks. Although I wish the edges were gilded, I think the card-stock is very good for shuffling. It has a sort of buttery feel to them as opposed to the slickness that a glossy finish would bring. I really enjoyed doing this spread with the Mystical Shaman Oracle. I anticipate doing great work with this deck in the near future.


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