Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread.

Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread

Card: Ten of Swords

Astrological correspondence: Sun in Gemini.

1 Ten of Swords


Ah, the Ten of Swords. With such a grim depiction in the RiderWaiteSmith version of the card, one could easily forget that the card corresponds to the astrological placement of Sun in Gemini. Gemini, the typically cheery and mercurial sign. The ten swords piercing the person’s back appear neither cheery nor mercurial. Homeslice is pretty much in despair (almost dead) and stagnant. Hahaha Why do I laugh? Because, like Gemini, there is ALWAYS another way to perceive circumstances (less sympathetic critics of Gemini would say there is always another way for Gemini to spin the truth). Sure, the person in the Ten of Swords could have tapped into the Sun in Gemini traits of collecting many nuggets of knowledge, learning disparate mindsets to aid in one’s adaptability, and sharing all that information. However, the shadow perception of those traits can be that collecting so much information without discernment can overwhelm one with anxiety; That the learning of so many conflicting mindsets could turn a healthy adaptability skill set into an unhealthy loss of identity and sense of self; and oversharing so much information (and/or the things associated with Swords & the Air Element) can spread one’s energy so thin that they’re chronically fatigued or brought to their breaking point. Yikes! But, fear not! As part of Ethony’s Exploring the Suit of the Swords Tarot Spread Collection, @LadyVTavora presents the Ten of Swords Tarot Spread. Been defeated? Experiencing existential crises? Trying to overcome victimhood mindset? Extreme fatigue? Betrayal? Trying to find rejuvenation? Well, work through this spread to find the seeds to grow future success! It can’t get any worse. It can only get better. That’s ultimately the meaning of the Ten of Swords, after all.

2 Ten of Swords

Shuffling the deck:

Shuffle your deck well while you think about your seemingly troublesome situation. Shuffle and shuffle well! Now, carefully turn the deck over face-up. While cycling/discarding your cards in order as they appear, find the Ten of Swords. The card which comes up just before the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Two. The card which comes up just after the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Three. Make sure to place the Ten of Swords in Card Placement One. Now, go back to your deck and shuffle well, again! And draw cards, in your usual way, for Card Placements Four through Seven. Take a deep breath and know that everything gets better. Then, shuffle your deck again. When you’re done shuffling, place the card from the top of the deck (whatever ‘top’ means to you) in Card Placement Eight. And, place the card from the bottom of the deck (again, whatever ‘bottom’ means to you) in Card Placement Nine.

The Card Placements:

Card One. The Ten of Swords.

Card Two. This card represents the internal forces (or, Spiritual Forces, Karmic Forces, Ancestors, Higher Self, etc.) influencing your current state of mind.

Card Three. This card represents the external forces influencing your current state of mind.

Card Four. What lessons or message from Card Two must you internalize in order to shift your mindset from turmoil to peace?

Card Five. What action is Card Two prompting you to engage immediately?

Card Six. What power do you have to combat the external forces revealed in Card Three?

Card Seven. What must you accept about the external forces’ influence?

Card Eight. What must you shed or let die from your life in order to bring about peace to your mindset/situation?

Card Nine. What is the Higher Purpose for why you’re in turmoil? What excellence will be brought about from you by implementing the advice revealed in this spread?


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