Ethony’s New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread.

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread







This spread was created by Tarot goddess, Ethony. It “use[s] this new moon’s energy to help you tend to your soul and  emotions while asking you to drop any hard exteriors that are holding you back.”

Sounds appropriate for the swirling emotional depths of the Cancerian sign. Well, here we go! Let’s see what this New Moon’s energy has for me.

Deck(s) used: Game of Thrones Tarot; Arcana of Astrology.

Summary: It looks like one of my beloved swords has pierced an opening into my heart so as to allow a bunch of love, light, and creativity to spill out! And, rebuilding my fractured relationships is essential not only to my personal wellbeing but for a higher purpose. Whew. No pressure there, right? And, I’ve got to continue to be brave in the face of naysayers who haven’t really accepted the woo-woo aspects of my personality. I’ve got to live my truth if I’m going to embrace emotional fullness. Reconcile with some people. Cut ties with others. Find my tribe so that we can build a happy future together. Dang, New Moon in Cancer. Why you gotta hit me so deep in the feels?!?! hahahahaa

(1.) Emotional temperature – What is my emotional health this new moon? ACE OF CUPS.

Well, good grief! Looks like I have a lot of emotions spilling out from my cup (the cup is a vessel. The vessel is me). However, I also already feel the surge of creativity enlivening my mood, so I suppose that’s a positive thing with the Ace of Cups. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Cups. I’m just incredibly Air-based (give me Swords cards all day every day, baby!). Honestly, without my humor trying to deflect away from my inner world, I really do feel like my emotional health is very positive this new moon. I love and feel loved. And, I’ve been doing recitations of compassion mantras to remind me how to truly exhibit compassion to as many people as I interact with every day. I haven’t felt this happy in a while.

(2.) Need to Nurture – How can I feed my soul during this moon cycle? QUEEN OF SWORDS (R).

Oh, dangit! Queen of Swords upright is one of my favorite cards in the deck! And, I feel like this reversal in this placement is a sort of Cosmic wag of the finger to me! Hahaha I need to feed my soul by being less emotionally detached. Sure, there has been plenty of heartless conduct between myself and others in the past few months, but instead of using the sword to cut away everybody, perhaps I should concentrate on just cutting away the truly toxic stuff and use the metaphorical “loving cup” to mend wounds over some libations. Basically, I can feed my soul my refraining from unnecessary bitchy behavior. Ha!

(3.) Drop Your Guard – What has been guarded for too long? ACE OF COINS.

Woah. This is so on the nose. I’ve been guarding my divination skills for far too long. I’ve been doing divination methods since I was a child but was in the closet about it until very recently in life. How interesting that this is the month that I re-launched my online presence to let the world know that my divination and art business is up and running. I suppose when I decided to embrace the inner world of the emotions and intuition, the Universe provided. A deeper understanding of what has been guarded is the trauma of my life related to my Chiron placement (Taurus Fourth House). My upbringing trained me to hide any pain and suffering. But, the healing I’ve been doing on myself is supposed to heal others too by way of my divination and art skills.

(4.) Sideway Stride – What needs to be tackled head-on and not through a side step around? FIVE OF CUPS.

There’s been a lot of strife between myself and people I love lately. And, there’s also been a lot of apathy. I’ve got to release the expectation of how I thought things ought to be in my relationships and just accept what is. And, I can forgive people without allowing them back into my life to stir it all up again. And, this card more pointedly tells me that I need to release blame that I hold against people for things done long ago. The theme of ancestral healing pops up again for me this season with card. Sure, so many injustices happened to me (or that were inherited by me) but I can do the work to release them. When I can release the pain and regrets of the past, I can truly live in the moment and appreciate the present. Specifically, continuing to do my shadow work can help my inner world. But, I need to incorporate some physical stuff in order to accelerate healing (i.e. more salt baths, fascia blasting to release old tensions, physical exercise). The more I DO the less I wallow in an internal sea of misery. And doing things brings me into mindfulness.

(5.) Connections – How can I improve my relationships at this time? TEN OF COINS.

A tangible way to improve my relationships at this time would be to actively plan the future with others—with appropriate boundaries depending on what the nature of their relationship to me is, of course! Hahaha I need to let certain people know that I appreciate everything they did in the past in order for my life to have its current splendor. And, I need to take on that mantle and pay it forward for the next generation. And, this card reminds me that the road of emotional bonds with others is never smooth. But, they’re worth it. I can improve my relationships by lightening up a little bit and not treat setbacks as deal breakers. The message is pretty clear: I can’t go it alone in life if I want to accomplish my life’s work. Having positive, co-creative relationships are essential if I want to do the work of Chiron, the wounded healer. Figure out who my tribe is, and then I can build the right relationships.


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