Deck Interview with the Arcana of Astrology

Deck Interview with the Arcana of Astrology

How delightfully beautiful are these cards?!?!! I recently purchased Claire Goodchild’s Arcana of Astrology Oracle Deck from her Etsy shop. Astrology is one of my life long interests (even if I was in the closet about it for so long in my life), and I really like how this deck has cards for the planets, moon phases, some asteroids, and eclipses. In my regular practice, I use Tropical Astrology instead of Vedic/Sidereal (where the zodiac is aligned with constellations or fixed star groups) Astrology. I don’t let that trip me up when I interpret the 12 Zodiac constellation cards in the deck, though. I use my understanding of the signs’ archetypes (and, when appropriate, the corresponding mythologies) and of their section of the seasonal year.

The deck comes with in a tuck box with an instruction booklet with keywords. And, like most of us who sling cards, our intuition brings clarity to the keywords of cards’ meanings. The deck interview spread I’m using to introduce myself to the Arcana of Astrology is called “Interview Your Deck” by Noble Lion Tarot.

Let’s see what the Arcana of Astrology has to tell me in our conversation:

ONE. Please introduce yourself. NEW MOON. (From the guidebook: The Moon is ‘The Guide’ and rules Cancer and the Fourth House. Specifically, the New Moon is ‘Beginning’).

I am the Divine Feminine Creator archetype within you. Sometimes it’s hard to see me because my power is hidden within the depths of the waters. But, I’m there for you. You are there for others. I’m a deep-feeling deck with fondness for initiating or reinvigorating family and home matters. I build up and nurture things related to home and family from a deep love for you. And, you will extend this love to others by tapping into your life experience.

TWO. Your strength as a deck. TAURUS. (From the guidebook: Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign of ‘The Bull’ whose keyword is ‘Possess.’).

I’m a strong deck as it relates to tangible Venusian issues like having a beautiful, safe, comfortable home environment. I tap into what is going on in the inner world in order to reveal what new things can be done in the outer world. It can be as simple as answering “How can I overcome my lethargic feelings in my work life?” with “Take some time to physically touch everything in your work environment, appreciate it, and either throw it away or reorganize its position in the environment to create an aesthetically pleasing office.” Or, I can be as deep as answering “How can I overcome my sorrow from my childhood?” with “It’s not your fault. Your caretakers did the best they could do with the stunted understanding of their own pain and how their actions would impact their immediate environment. Take those lessons into the present. Now that you know what you don’t want (because of your past upbringing) you know what you do want. And, this knowledge brings you the wisdom on how to construct a happy, healthy, beautiful world.” A related strength I have as a deck is helping you identify where on the materialistic spectrum you are currently: Are you buying up a bunch of stuff (i.e. chocolates, luxury goods, etc.) because you’re trying to fill an emotional void that is better healed with some shadow work? Or, are you appropriately allocating your resources to bolster your family environment from a place of strength, nurturing, and love?

THREE. Your limitations as a deck. HYGEIA (R.). (From the guidebook: Hygeia is ‘The Purifier’ whose keyword is ‘Cleanse.’).

For all the power I have to give you messages on how to nurture your soul, I am no substitution for actual medical advice. Sure, I can tell you to lessen the stress in your life. But, I won’t identify exactly what organs in the body are being impacted by stress. Generally, I can indicate that emotions can be stored in the fascia of the body. I’m more of a mental and emotional health deck for you—not so much a physical or medical health deck. That isn’t to say I can’t do it ever. I’m just answering the question as it was asked (“[What are] your limitations as a deck.”). I can at least identify your attitude and belief system concerning health and fitness. And, if necessary, I can at least indicate that you need to seek out a heath care provider’s assistance.

FOUR. What can I learn from you? CANCER. (From the guidebook: Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign of ‘The Crab’ whose keyword is ‘Nurture.’).

You can learn to trust the depths of your intuition. You’re very Air-element dominant—not so much by design, but by choice. I’m a great deck to help you tap into your emotional intelligence. I also remind you that humans aren’t rational actors— they are driven by emotions (no matter what your Air-dominance insists on believing). And, like Cancerian archetypes, I can help you learn to care for yourself and others as it relates to holistic matters. And, I can help you learn to harness the water placements in your chart that you have neglected.

FIVE. What is the best way to work with you? JUNO (R.) (From the guidebook: Juno is ‘The Partner’ whose keyword is ‘Harmony.’).

When you come to work with me, come with the desire to be a compatible co-creator. Intimacy is required for us to co-create a message. And while the questions you pose to me don’t always have to be of a romantic or sexual nature (a la Juno from Roman Mythology), at least phrase your questions in terms of how to harmonize relationships. Come to me with the respect that you have for yourself. You see yourself as a Queen amongst queens, so treat me as such.

SIX. Outcome of our relationship? SCORPIO. (From the guidebook: Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign of ‘The Scorpion’ whose keyword is ‘Transform.’).

With harmonious use, you and I will help to unlock the powers of your Scorpio Moon in the 10th house. The old you who hid from trauma instead of dealing with it will die. You’ll be resurrected into a wiser being. You’ll be able to tap into the depths of your hidden waters so heal others the way you’ve healed yourself. I’ve come into your life experience because it is time for you to step into your life’s work.

Summary: Woah. I didn’t know how deep this reading was going to be. I shouldn’t be surprised that this deck is part of the greater synchronicities lately related to my one of my life’s purposes: Using my Taurus Fourth House Chiron placement to help heal others. Beautiful minimalist imagery bringing about profound change. What a powerful deck!


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