The Naked Heart Spread by @Lionharts for The September Tarot; Day 1.

Instagram user, @Lionharts, creates some of the best divination challenges you’ll ever find! And, they have collaborated with user @Ethony (one of my favorite people of all time)! The September Tarot that they created is called The Naked Heart Challenge. For the first day, we have a three card spread.

Deck(s) used: (1.) Past Life Oracle Cards; (2.) The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards; (3.) Life Purpose Oracle Cards.


THEME: What matters of the heart should be explored? FORGIVENESS. I must go within and find all the resentments I have inherited from wounded ancestors. I must find all the rage, hurt, etc. and heal them. Those emotions had their time and place. But, now they must dissipate. I will give forgiveness and accept forgiveness.

ACTION: How do I fully embrace this journey? HUMOR. I choose to focus on the lighter side of life. There are definitely parts of life that require your serious attention, but you have to learn to have fun. Don’t neglect things that bring you joy or make you laugh. Besides, the health benefits to your physical body, your emotional and mental bodies reap huge rewards from the art of joy.

Seek out the people who make you feel good about being alive. Avoid cynicism and pessimism. Always look at your cup as being half-full instead of half-empty. The endless chatter of this physical dimension can seep into your conscious mind, so do your best to listen to happy music, read soul-enriching fiction, and be wary of movies or TV shows that can darken your mood. Happy people attract happy people.

OUTCOME: How/where can this challenge empower me? TALK TO YOUR ANGELS. Instead of worrying, ask for Divine guidance. I really resonate with this message seeing as I have felt like one of this year’s themes in my inner world has been to really HEAR the messages of the Divine. I’ve been doing so many things on my own instead of consulting with the Messengers of God (the meaning of the word ‘angels’). Angels can be human beings or celestial beings in service to YHVH, in my opinion. Basically, I need to refrain from going it on my own– I need to seek out my tribe and be an active member in it. Amein v’Amein.

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