Chakra Tarot 2019, Day 3 and Day 5.

Screencap of the Instragram Challenge.

Divination Challenge: #chakratarot2019
Hosted by: @drlisarbarry
Social Media Platform: Instagram.
Decks used: Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards; Goddess Knowledge Cards.

Day 3) Root Chakra (Muladhara): How safe do you feel in your life? Who or what helps you feel safe? THE MOON + TRIPLE GODDESS.
There is an unease in my life right now because I feel a stirring to re-discover a long-hidden aspect of myself. Such a journey is never “settled” or safe-feeling, I suppose. Trepidation brings about renewal. The subject matters governed by my Scorpio Moon in the Tenth House need attention. Those very matters directly relate to my feelings of security and stability. Doing more inner work to find hidden truths will bring about the happy, stable home life I’ve always wanted. I shouldn’t be surprised that Triple Goddess came up as what energies help me feel safe. After all, archetypal Goddess energies are associated with the secretive, cool, yin Moon. My life experiences that correspond to maiden, mother, and crone help me feel safe. The deep reservoir of wisdom of my Divine Feminine nourishes, transforms, and prospers me.

Day 5) Root Chakra: How can you better connect with who or what helps you feel safe in your life? THE SATYR + LADY OF THE LAKE.
Whew. Thankfully, this particular message is easy. I’m sure there are deeper spiritual themes to investigate, but I’ll delve into that on my own. The immediate answer relating to whipping my Root Chakra’s circulation is to cease overindulgence. I overindulge in immediately gratifying things (i.e. sugary foods, drinks, spending money, etc.) in search of feeling relief– only for the opposite to happen. The lake from the Lady of the Lake card represents both creative power and transformational death (calm down, it’s metaphorical). So, recognize the anxieties which trigger the bad habits thwarting the chakra’s circulation; cease the destructive patterns which are mistakenly used to treat the anxieties; get back to powerful, creative tasks (i.e. more art, more meditation, more yoga, more exercise, etc.). A sidebar: learning to let go of all-or-nothing goals (or, attachment to duality) will go a long way to bringing about stability. Going within to tap into my healing feminine power helps me feel safe in my life. Also, I apparently need to hydrate more. Good thing one of my 2019 goals is to drink at least one pot of herbal tea a day! Heh!

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