#TheFebruaryTarot by @lionharts


(1.) Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss & Peter Occhiogrosso.

(2.) Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

(3.) The Akashic Tarot by Sharon A. Klingler

(4.) Golden Tarot by Kat Black

I. ENERGY OF THE MONTH. Embracing my February spread.

            i. What energy is available to me this month? FEMME FATALE. The Yin-centric discernment & communicative energy of the Divine Feminine is available to me this month. I’m able to positively influence others by sharing my experiences and gifts.

            ii. How can I best embrace this energy? KING REVERSED. The best way to embrace this energy is to not abuse it. Specifically, be detached from outcome when I share my knowledge with others. Refrain from controlling their actions. Merely share what is helpful and be glad that my life experience can be of service to others.

            iii. A gentle reminder for a loving start… HERMIT REVERSED. Remember to retreat into self-care rituals when needed. Don’t burn the candles from both ends. Be available to assist people, but stay in my lane—don’t go looking for problems to solve. If people need me, they’ll come to me.

II. START WITH A SMILE. List up to 3 things that can {almost always} make you smile. Draw a card for each thing you wrote down.

            i. Making breakthroughs in confronting my inner demons (i.e. shadow work) make me smile. EXORCIST. I smile at making breakthroughs in shadow work because with every breakthrough, I feel more freedom. And, that’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted in life—to feel freedom. As well as conquering inner demons, when I left the toxicity of negative-spirited social groups, I felt so elated. Like, how had I allowed myself to be in bondage to false friends? When I smile in triumph over all of this, it’s not about defeating others. It’s about achieving a deep inner happiness and confidence. 

            ii. Writing (i.e. novels, poems, blog posts, personal letters, etc.) makes me smile. POET. Writing makes me smile because it feels liberating and magical. Self-expression is the obvious link to liberation. And, the ability to convey an idea to another person using the written word feels like magic to me. No matter what is happening in my life, as long as I engage in at least some journaling, I’ll feel like I have some freedom from tyranny and a link to the Divine.

III. THE BEAUTY BEHIND MY SMILE.  What do my happy moments tell me about me? {card 1} How can I build on these happy moments? {card 2} NINE OF WANDS REVERSED + THE EMPRESS REVERSED. My happy moments remind me that the swiftest route to feeling happy is to release resistance, rely upon my inner emotional resources, and staying in my lane. I can build on these moments by remembering not to link my happiness to other people (or external things). Also, engaging in the creative ventures I enjoy will obviously increase my incidences of happiness in my life. Do them. Feel happy.

IV. NEW MOON. New Moon in Aquarius Spread.

            i. What can the free-spirited Aquarius teach me? {card 1} 14 INITIATION & THE COUNT ST. GERMAINE REVERSED. The time of initiation has been upon me, but I’m holding onto old ways and am resistant to the wonderful changes at hand. The old things and relationships that keep my energy low are not my safety net but rather the opposite; they keep me mired in my difficulties. Even if the lower-energy people and things keeping me down are gone, I may be stuck on their loss or just afraid to move on to something new. Whatever is keeping me from pursuing my highest evolution must be confronted. Don’t block my movement to a higher utilization of force and mind. With that, I can change my life and the very face of the world!

            ii. What can I constructively focus on this Moon cycle? {card 2} 4 OF SCROLLS THE KARMIC TRENCH REVERSED. This reversal shows that I have fallen out of my karmic trench, and I now have all the resources I need to plant the seeds that bring a new harvest and a new life. In some cases, there might have been some significant or sudden changes in my life—perhaps the breakup of a relationship, career troubles, or financial difficulties. As difficult as these situations may seem, they can help knock me out of the karmic pattern I’ve dug for myself. Happily, if I take myself out of the pattern on my own, further difficulties don’t have to happen at all.

            Whether I’ve come to this newfound freedom by my own actions or because external challenges, the power is in my hands now. But karmic changes don’t happen overnight. Be conscious, as I set up new work and relationships, to avoid falling into old patterns of belief and feeling. This is my opportunity to overturn lifetimes of sabotaging karma and create a powerful beginning that endures into futurity. Wuhoo! New fields of my life welcome me!

            iii. How does this support my best 2019 journey? {card 3} THE QUEEN OF FORCES REVERSED. I will be able to focus my fragmented energy. I can overcome disharmony and confusion. Also, my relationships with others will benefit—I align myself with positively aspected folks. By taking the lessons of the first two cards in this spread, I can prevent the abuse of power (of my own power). I remember that healing isn’t linear, so despite any downs, I’ll be able to snap out of the darkness and make my way back up. Be willing to let go of old security in order to live my best life.

V. ACHIEVING ME. Think of something you achieved that you are proud of. Draw a card. Start your reading with: I can be proud… EIGHT OF WANDS. I can be proud of overcoming morbid obesity. I aligned my mind & emotional patterns with the energy that was congruent with health and wellness. And, I’m still going in the right direction. When I cleared away the obstacles I had placed in my own way, I was able (and still am) to lose the unhealthy fat. At the deeper core of the issue, I am proud of my discipline. Discipline had always been difficult for me when I was growing up. To know that I can (and have) transform closer and closer to my better physical form brings me pride that I can indeed be disciplined.

DAY VI. A DAY TO YOURSELF. (You can use this day to catch up or simply take a break)

VII. INSPIRED BY LOVE. Share one of your favorite {love} stories. Think of what you like or admire about this story. Hold on to these thoughts and draw a card. 5 OF FORCES SUMMER/WINTER. The love story of Psyche and Cupid (from Greek Mythology) is one (well, at least in one of its sanitized forms) I’ve had a fascination with since I was a little kid. I like that there is so much action in the story. Both the human, Psyche, and the god, Cupid, take matters into their hands (with positive and negative results). Neither one of them are passive in their tumultuous love story. And, I especially love how Psyche doesn’t just give up on reconciliation—she took affirmative steps to have the mere chance at making up with Cupid (after she had disobeyed one of his rules). I guess I like the idea that sometimes you have to fight external forces (i.e. The Goddess of Love, jealous people, etc.) with all your heart and might in order to be with the one you love—at least in the more sanitized versions of their love story.

VIII. THOSE WE IDOLIZE. Think of someone who really inspired who you are today. How did this soul inspire you? Draw a card while you give this thought. DEATH. For this prompt, I thought of an archetypal energy instead of an actual person: Persephone. Her story inspires me. It reminds me that no matter what trauma happens to me, that I don’t have to be defined by it. It reminds me that no matter who has control over my life in the external world, I can rise up and overcome the situation by tapping into my internal power. I suppose what I love most about her story is that she’s never destroyed despite what happens to her—she is constantly transforming. On her own terms.

IX. THIS IS FOR THE LOVER IN YOU. Think of two things you can do for yourself this weekend. Ask your cards about each option and do at least one of them.

            i. Aggressively declutter my closet and stuff in storage. FOUR OF CUPS REVERSED. One of the reasons for me not having decluttered my junk sooner is based in trauma. I didn’t want to deal with memories and emotions that the items I’d touch would bring up for me. However, the accumulation of all the items in my life has actually made me feel restricted and stuck in past trauma. I mean, good grief. They’re just things. I need to just make 2019 the year where I finally get rid of the items that don’t serve me anymore.

            ii. Go to a yoga event over in at the biggest indoor meditation space in East Tennessee. THE TOWER. The motivations for going to this place are based on old, outdated belief systems. I can visit this place anytime. But, I don’t need to visit it to find spirituality. So, go whenever I can make time to enjoy the location itself—Just don’t expect that enlightenment comes from a place. It is already within me.

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