#TheFebruaryTarot by @lionharts


(1.) Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

(2.) Angel Tarot Cards

(3.) Golden Tarot

X. WHEN I THINK OF ZEN. How can I bring more peace to my day? Draw a card and affirm: Today I will {not}…NEW BEGINNINGS AND A FRESH START. Today I will stay full of faith and positive outlook.

XI. A SONG SO FAMILIAR. Think of a song you really loved in your teens. Check the lyrics, pick a line {or two} and draw a card. BE WITH YOU by ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. LYRICS: “And now that you`re gone/I just wanna be with you.” BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. Remove myself from harsh situations and relationships so that I can continue to strengthen relying on myself and not others. And, speak lovingly about myself and others.


XIII. “THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE IS…” Share a quote about love, it can be anything you feel right now. Think of this quote and draw a card. QUOTE: Greater love hath no man than this,  that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13, KJV). KNIGHT OF FIRE + EIGHT OF AIR. Don’t be so quick to pay the ultimate price (one’s life), when with a little thinking (and releasing self-imposed mental restrictions), one can solve a problem—without jumping on the proverbial grenade. While this scripture does indeed reflect an act of ultimate love, one mustn’t forget that it ought not be the default to help your friends. Don’t be a dumb, dead hero. Be a smart, living hero. You know?

XIV. VALENTINE’S DAY. Valentine’s Self-Love spread. Be wild, dear self, listen to your heart, and let your love run free… 5 UNITY + 16 LIFE EXPERIENCE + 11 STRENGTH. Break free from any twisted interpretation of love that mankind has perverted from Divine knowledge. Accept that massive changes are happening in my life that will take me away from lower vibration environments and toward higher vibration environments. Remember that a lioness doesn’t need to roar for everybody to know it’s a lioness- And, act free as a lion yet trusting and gentle as a kitten.

XV. ROYAL ADVICE. Place all four queens on the table and draw a card for each queen. Connect the energy of each queen to the advice she gives you. Queen of Fire + Five of Swords Reversed (See how much creative stuff you can accomplish when you stop hanging out with low vibration, needy, gossipy people? Move past resentment and keep on trucking. You’ve got lots of creative stuff to do!); Queen of Earth + The World (Methodical, disciplined, work gets you everything you want in life. No shortcuts. Do your magical manifestations, of course. Just remember that there will always be an energetic cost.); Queen of Water + Ace of Swords (Change your mental patterns in order to build better relationships with others. Sure, you think you’re such a smarty pants with your metaphorical “I told you so” list—but at what cost? Gain clarity about your purpose in life by developing your water energy instead of staying too long in air energy.); Queen of Air + Seven of Cups Reversed (Making decisions—using your mental sword to cut away that which doesn’t serve you—becomes easier if you’d just figure out how you rank your priorities).  

XVI. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT… What is something you’ve always wanted to do? List up to three steps that are required to achieve this {dream}. Draw a card for each step you have listed. I modified this a little. My goal is to get to my healthy ideal weight. However, I’m so biased that I can’t quite be trusted to consciously choose the three steps. So, I’m pulling three cards to tell me how to get to my goal.

            i. NINE OF COINS. I’ve collected all the knowledge and resources I need to make my goal happen. No doubt. Also, accept that some social sacrifices will have to be made in order to get to my goal (i.e. not going out to eat as much, staying away from negative attitudes, etc.).   

            ii. THE HANGED MAN REVERSED. Rethink my motivations. Is it really the number on the scale that I need to aim for? Perhaps it’s cholesterol levels or body fat percentage or body measurements.

            iii. THE SUN. Do the things I love (diet, exercise, etc.) and I’ll get where I need to go. This process should be a happy, positive one. At any time I start feeling negative, then I know I’m not in alignment with my goals. This isn’t hard. Just be happy, radiant, grateful, and joyful! Also, consider doing exercises outside and exercise which are super fun and childlike.

XVII. FOR THE LOVE OF ME. Think of a personal trait you love about yourself. Draw a card and start your reading with: I love… KNIGHT OF COINS. I love my resilient spirit. No matter what has happened in my life (i.e. misfortune, stagnation, etc.), I never allowed the circumstances to set me back permanently. I’ve the discipline and fortitude to persevere.


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