The Last Third of February (@lionharts’ challenge).


(1.) Angel Tarot Cards

(2.) Crystal Unicorn Tarot

(3.) Antique Anatomy Tarot Ephemera Edition

XIX. FULL MOON. Full Moon in Virgo Spread.

            i. Where did I grow this Moon cycle? SIX OF WATER. I’ve grown by increasing the level of harmony and cooperation in my relationships. I’ve also grown by letting go of nostalgic things from my childhood—they were mostly false, or romanticized memories anyway.

            ii. What do I accept or give closure to today? KING OF FIRE REVERSED. I accept that in order to be a leader I must be committed to long-term success instead of quick fixes.

            iii. How can I use this Supermoon to manifest? THE WORLD ARCHANGEL MICHAEL REVERSED. I can use this moon to manifest things by identifying the grand picture of what I want to accomplish. Then, I must figure out the small, disciplined steps to accomplish the goal. I have to accept that this is a transformative process not a quick snap of the fingers.

XX. When you tell you that you love you. Something {I do} that is in support of my self-love. {card 1} A reminder of why this is so important for me right now. {card 2} ACE OF CUPS REVERSED + TWO OF CUPS REVERSED. I must remember to love myself instead of having an overflowing cup devoted to something/someone outside myself. This is important because if I can’t first give myself the love, adoration, and kindness that I need, how could I possibly find it in another? All I’d be doing is giving, giving, and giving emotionally only to receive nothing back. I’ve had overflowing love spilling out of my emotional cup once. And the other person played me. Never again.

XXI. SMILE CHECK-IN. Are you still smiling Why {not}? Draw a happy reminder card. Start your reading with: Today I smile because… TWO OF CUPS REVERSED. Welp. I’m smiling because I came to the realization from yesterday’s insight. Praise.

XXII. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES. Draw a card in the morning and apply the advice to your day. At the end of your day draw a 2nd card and use both cards to reflect. TWO OF SWORDS. Whew. Good grief. Just make a decision between the two things keeping me immobilized. They’re both good options. To make the final decision either figure out which is the closest fire first (metaphorical) or which one has the longest repressions down my personal time line. After the day, the reflection card is FOUR OF SWORDS REVERSED. I chose the route that didn’t cause me to feel exhausted. Whew.

XXIII. PAY IT FORWARD. Think of a single good deed you can do today {or this weekend}. Either draw a card for direction or draw a card to reflect. KING OF SWORDS. Seek out advice from a knowledgeable male figure in my life about a skill or modality I want to master—over the weekend.


XXV. HAVE PATIENCE. Ask for a reminder of where to be patient or why patience is important for your best self right now. FIVE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. I need to be patient with myself when it comes to ancestral feelings of “I don’t have enough” or “I don’t have the means/resources to project the image that I have of my true self in this 3D world.” Patience! Dynasties aren’t built in a day, yo! Cull through the low quality things in my possession. Budget, budget, budget. Buy for quality and longevity. Everything will be fine.

XXVI. STAY KIND. Where or how can I be kind{er} to myself today? THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED. It’s okay to be silent, calm, and a wee bit aloof in situations where I totally want to blurt out the answer. It’s okay. Be kinder to myself by knowing to stay in my lane. There are tons of things I know the right answer to. The wisdom of the High Priestess is telling me that the kind thing is to only intervene in the matters which are my business. I can have a silent “I could have told you so” chuckle to myself later. Show compassion by not being a busy body all up in people’s lanes.

XXVII. CLOSING THE MONTH. Closing my February spread.

            i. What did February {try to} teach me? THREE OF COINS. Remember that no matter how smart and sassy you think you are, that you’ll always need to work with others. Teamwork is important. And, knowing your role in your teams matters. Some teams, you’ll be the teacher. Some teams, you’ll be the apprentice. All your roles matter and have value. Always remember this.

            ii. What {lessons} do I take with me moving forth? THREE OF RODS (WANDS). Keep planning for the future while enjoying the NOW. And, remember that to make some of my dreams manifest, it’ll take the love and support of others. Don’t go it alone. Also, 3 is a significant number for your birth year and your birth year tarot cards (of the major arcana). Go back to the advice in the Monograph Benebell Wen wrote for you to truly synthesize the closing month lessons. 

I now thank February for its lessons and give this month closure: What’s done is done, I gracefully, gratefully move on.


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