Divination Challenge hosted by @tanagertarot #callinginthecourt #tarotchallenge

DECK USED: Crystal Unicorn Tarot (King of Swords from the Golden Tarot The Visconti-Sforza Deck by Mary Packard)

This month’s prompts engage with the King of Swords and how working with him can empower us to speak up, stand up, and in turn empower others.

1. What do I stand to gain by learning from the King of Swords? THREE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. (Yes, I know the picture is upright. My bad). I can learn how to work harmoniously with others whether I’m the leader of a group or not.

2. What defines my personal moral code? THE HERMIT. My inner being. My inner guidance. The never-ending soul within me defines my moral code—not some external belief system.

3. What truths am I being called to stand up for? THE CHARIOT REVERSED. I’m being called to challenge that which causes stagnation, oppression, and/or the delay of justice. I’m being called to stand up for those who have unfair obstacles placed in their path to a better life.

4. A hidden truth you might be afraid to acknowledge. THE EMPRESS. I’m afraid to acknowledge that I have to access more Yin energy and dampen my natural, overt, aggressive Yang energy in order to achieve my empire.


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