March 1 #owlandbonesmarch #owlandbones3cardspreads

In this March 2019 Divination Challenge by @owlandbonestarot, we celebrate the 3rd month in a numerological 3 year by doing 3-card spreads daily!

DECK USED: Antique Anatomy Tarot, Ephemera Edition, by Claire Goodchild.

MARCH 1. 3rd Month in a 3 Year. What makes me unhappy? What fulfills me? What do I want?

i. What makes me unhappy? SEVEN OF ELIXIRS (CUPS) REVERSED. This one is pretty easy. I’m unhappy when I’m overwhelmed by choices.

ii. What fulfills me? THE TOWER. Transformation into a higher octave of myself brings me life!!!

iii. What do I want? TWO OF COINS. I’d like to master time management, my life’s mundane priorities, and being more adaptable to wrenches thrown into the mix.


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