General Questions

What services are offered by Lady Tavora?

See this link on List of Services

How to I book a reading with Lady Tavora?

(1.)    Write to Lady Tavora using the “Contact” section of the website. Make sure to write the name of the service in the email’s subject line and,

(2.)    In the body of the email, provide (A.) again, state the name of the service you want, (B.) your name, (C.) your contact details (i.e. confirm email address to where I send your reading, mailing address if appropriate), (D.) OPTIONAL– your personal pronouns you prefer me to use, (E.) OPTIONAL– your birthdate, exact birth time, exact birthplace (for Lady Tavora to incorporate astrological insights into the readings).

(3.)    Lady Tavora will send you a confirmation e-mail to make sure I understand what you want. I also attach a copy of the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Within this e-mail, Lady Tavora explains that the turnaround time for your service is five (5) business days or less. If you need a reading sooner, then please consider consulting another reader (I’ll gladly give you recommendations). You don’t need to make payment at this time.

(4.)    When Lady Tavora is completely done and ready to deliver your reading, she will send you an e-mail (A.) containing a photo of the card spread which she read for you and, (B.) instructions on how to make payment.

(5.)    Once Lady Tavora receive payment from you, she will transmit the full reading to you via e-mail. And, if you paid for shipping, she will ship out the original art inspired by your reading.

Where are your Terms of Service & Privacy Policy?

Click here to find a copy of the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

Sales Questions

What is your refund policy?

Lady Tavora values one-to-one personalized care, supported by a spiritual point of view. You are requesting a spirituality-based service tendered from experience, specialized knowledge, and personalized attention. Thus, these services are non-refundable. All service fulfillments are final.

What forms of payment are accepted?

PayPal, Venmo, Amazon giftcards.

Product Questions

Who owns the copyright to the written work product & artwork created?

Lady Tavora holds the copyright to the written work product & artwork created for the divination readings.

Other Questions

What’s your sign, Lady Tavora?

Sun sign/Gemini, Moon/Scorpio, Ascendant/Aquarius, Venus/Leo, Mars & Mercury/Gemini.

Lady Tavora, do you believe you can predict the future?

This answer is complicated. No. And, yes. My perspective on time-space is that time is not linear. And, divination tools tap into the collective consciousness of all the beings coexisting in our reality (or, Matrix. Whatever. Blue pill or red pill, nobody really knows the fullness of “reality, ” do they?). Once we get information (messages) via the divination tools (i.e. tarot cards, oracle cards, etc.), our free will now has access to hidden knowledge. With that knowledge we can know the motivations of others and the likelihood of certain events transpiring. Sure, you can come to me with a “Will my ex every come back to me?” sort of question. Just know that you’re most likely not going to get a solid “yes” or “no” question from me. But, I’ll be able to tell you what circumstances brought you two together, split you apart, and whether the two of you are energetically congruent (so, in a way, the divination tools tell the likelihood of a reunion based on the current emotions, motivations, and external circumstances). Think of it this way: Once we have some hidden knowledge about people and circumstances, we are empowered to make certain choices. Our lives aren’t just kites battered around by uncontrollable winds. Generally, my favorite readings I like to do are ones which help solve problems and/or delve into the depths of self re-discovery (i.e. “How can I mend my partnership with my business associates?” or “What is my life purpose?” or “What character trait should I work on?”).

Lady Tavora, I see that you’re a Wonder Woman cosplayer. Would you be willing to visit my friend/relative who is in the hospital?

If my schedule allows it, of course I’d love to cheer up anybody who is in hospital! Contact me to see if we can coordinate a visit.