Wonder Woman Cosplay

One of my favorite ways to extend love and light to my fellow human beings is to visit patients in hospitals (or similar healthcare facilities) as Wonder Woman. I can’t heal people the way traditional health service professionals can. But, I like to think that I can lift the spirits up of those needing some good cheer.

Here are some pictures of my Wonder Woman cosplay photos. You’ll find the links to the credited photographers at the bottom of this posting.

Photo Credit: Anjeanette Illustration.

Photo Credit: Derek DeWeese.

Photo Credit: Tennessee Ghostbusters.

Photo Credit: Anjeanette Illustration.

Links to the photographers:

(i.) http://www.anjeanetteillustrationphotography.com/

(ii.) http://www.dwrd.net/

(iii.) https://www.instagram.com/tennesseeghostbusters/